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Customer name:

Ms. Olds, London

The Brief

Ms. Olds’ stunning property is a Victorian Ashley Gardens mansion flat in the heart of Westminster. It was built in the 1890's, so the five-bed flat oozes character and elegance. For the time being, the flat is home to the client's daughter as she studies in the area, so Caroline wanted to create a kitchen that was functional and beautiful, that helps to fulfil its purpose now, but with striking decor that she will love herself in the future. In terms of appearance, Ms. Olds was looking for a bold aesthetic- something striking with the 'wow-factor.’ We worked together to find a daring look that she loved, opting for a sleek, handleless Capita Highline Touch-to-Open slab door in Graphite. The dark tone contrasts perfectly with the clean-white walls for a contemporary, monochrome look. We also chose the stunning Strata Granite Silver Waves worksurface to compliment the design, continuing this across to a focal splashback that frames the range, instantly catching the eye. When it came to the functionality of the kitchen, it was important to the client that the space had a range, a washer/dryer, a dishwasher and a microwave. The original shape of the room meant that the range fit perfectly into the already-existing alcove, but we needed to find space for the rest of the appliances. We decided to integrate these into the kitchen units, with the island creating the all-important storage space we needed to store away the dishwasher and washer/dryer behind efficient touch-to-open doors.

Designer's Tip

It's important to work with what you have, whether this is the space or features. This kitchen was a challenge in terms of the tight space and the positioning of the windows, but we planned Ms. Olds' dream kitchen around what we had and maximised all of the space available for appliances, storage and worksurfaces.

“I love the end kitchen design- it's now not only beautiful but also practical, with an island/peninsula that gives me the extra worksurface I've always dreamed of!”

Ms. Olds, London
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