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Customer name:

Miss Halliwell, Ascot

The Brief

Miss Halliwell's beautiful home is located minutes away from the prestigious Ascot- an elegant property that oozes class, with a grand garden at the back which the kitchen overlooks. The client was looking for a timeless kitchen with a striking aesthetic to suit her impressive home- something simple but elegant so that her personality could shine through with decor. In terms of design, we chose to blend modern and classic styles with a twist on the traditional shaker, using a refined Anson shaker door with a super slim surround and handleless trim opening for a contemporary edge. The classic veining of the work surfaces also adds interest and depth, but is juxtaposed with sleek straight edges and the slim hob on the island. We opted for a muted, warm palette of Espresso and Cashmere units, pairing with LED strip lights and spotlights to create a luxurious mood. Miss Halliwell was also very interested in how we could make her kitchen practical, seeking the best storage solutions available. We chose to incorporate the Kesseböhmer iMove Pull-Down, Pull-Out Larder, and the Convoy Larder Unit, as well as the effective Blum Space Tower, all of which helped to maximise the available and accessible storage for client. We also integrated a EVOline Pop-Up Socket into the island, enabling easy electrical access for kitchen appliances.

Designer's Tip

It's so important to plan the practicalities of a kitchen as the space needs to be tailored perfectly for how you're going to use it. The aesthetic is always going to be important, but if you have no where to store your kitchen essentials, to display your treasured items, or to seat the family for dinner, what good is a beautiful design?

“The kitchen is everything I wanted and more! I absolutely love the island, the beautiful wine cooler and it's amazing to have the glazed display units and open shelving to display my decorative items.”

Miss Halliwell, Ascot
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