Getting Started

Your new kitchen journey unfolds in simple, natural stages – from your first ideas, all the way through to installation and aftercare. Our job is to make life easier.


Be Inspired

Take your time wandering around our inspirational showroom. Have a coffee. Gather ideas of what you like and what you couldn’t live without. Touch the surfaces, see the colours; marvel at the storage solutions, try the working taps and appliances. Tell us your must-haves. Talk to us about life in your kitchen. Talk to us about your design preferences and your tastes – do you lean towards a traditional, or more contemporary look? And what about your space: is it open-plan? Is it compact? Tell us about your ideas, and ask us for new ones you’d never have thought of.

Enjoy A Personal Consultation

It costs nothing to have a consultation with one of our experienced designers: all you need to do is make an appointment. They are your personal contact throughout your whole project, starting with looking at your space (plans or drawings are great if you have them, but photos will be fine if not). They’ll listen carefully and ask all the right questions before exploring design and layout ideas with you, and helping you look at samples. We understand that a new kitchen is a big decision, so we’ll put you, your home, and your life, right at the heart of the entire process.

Get Checked And Measured

After the consultation stage, your designer will visit your home and carry out an initial technical survey – measuring up, checking that your space is suitable for the intended design, and taking into consideration any special requirements. From here, we’ll develop a tailored kitchen design, that perfectly suits your individual space, taste, and lifestyle. Don’t worry - we’ll look after everything at each stage in the journey towards your fully fitted Life kitchen.

Step Into Your Designs

The next step is to invite you back to the Life showroom to see the preliminary designs we’ve created for you. We’ll make it as close to real life as it gets: besides providing realistic colour views and technical line drawings, we’ll help you to ‘walk around’ your new kitchen and see how it looks and feels, thanks to our 4D virtual-reality suite! And if you decide you want to make any tweaks or re-work the plans at this stage, that’s fine too. Your take-away pack will include your design plans, dimensions, project summary and quotation. A full overview of how everything will unfold.

Prepare For Installation

An installation manager will be appointed to you, to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible at all times. They will visit your home and meet with you, carrying out a final, in depth installation survey, ensuring everything’s been covered. We like to check, check and check again so that we get it right first time. This includes making sure that your space meets building regulations and health and safety requirements, and that your gas, electrical and plumbing services are in check. Your installation manager will talk you through your project timeline in detail, confirm access, and offer you the chance to make any final adjustments.

Fit For Life

Our delivery and installation service is first-class, and our specialist installers pay the utmost attention to every last detail. Your cabinets will be installed first, followed by your worksurfaces – which are handcut on site, to position your sink, taps and any drainer grooves – even down to making sure you can stack your dishes to the same side as always. Next come your appliances, accessories and connections, and of course making sure that you’re completely happy. A Life kitchen is so beautifully crafted that we simply can’t rush it – nor would you want us to.


Our goal is ensuring that your new kitchen makes your life a whole lot easier. You can be confident in our excellent warranty and aftercare service. You’ll receive a full list of all of your products and appliances, each with the most appropriate contact details, just in case you ever have a question. And as your Life partner, we’ll always be here – so do feel free to get in touch at any time.

Discover More

Let us inspire you. Discover more ideas, and our top tips for designing a look that is personal to you, your life and how you live it.

Make it


Explore our exciting range of kitchen looks - and experience your own personalised design in our 4D virtual reality suite. Life is what you make it.