Three ways to create ambiance using lighting in your kitchen

Lighting is an integral element in kitchen design and gone are the days where kitchen lighting was chosen simply for its functionality. With statement pendants to understated integrated lighting, we are now spoilt for choice - meaning that we can achieve both practicality and visual appeal. So, where do you begin? Follow our handy guide on all-things kitchen lighting to find the best option for you and your new kitchen.


1) Task Lighting 

You guessed it – task lighting ensures that areas in the kitchen that are used the most are properly illuminated. Above worksurfaces, next to sinks, beneath wall cabinets or above an island, task lighting will make food prep, cleaning up and cooking a much easier process, but it doesn’t stop at functionality – a beautiful pendant can look stunning suspended over an island or in the corner of a kitchen to accentuate a zone. Did you know that lighting can also be integrated to the inside of drawers, base pull-outs or internal pantries? Perfect for finding those tins, jars and dishes that end up right at the back, and for giving your overall look that extra touch of style.


Top tip: choose the same LED lighting across your worktops and above the hob or go for a cooker hood with built-in lighting!


2) Mood lighting

Also known as decorative or accent lighting, mood lighting will add atmosphere to your space and is often a welcome alternative to bright ceiling lighting. Most commonly underneath cabinets or behind back-lit panels, mood lighting gives you the freedom to change the ambiance of the space. You may want brighter hues in the morning but softer, warm tones in the evening, for example. For a real wow-factor, interior-lit, glazed cabinets (ac pictured) can offer your kitchen a unique and interesting focal point.


3) Plinth lighting

Plinth lighting comes in the form of small, low-level lights, usually installed into the bottom of kitchen units. They add instant dimension and depth to your room and are usually chosen to highlight specific areas, like around an island. This type of kitchen lighting is a great way of creating an understated yet striking feature effect – it is simple in style yet has plenty of visual appeal, working particularly well in larger spaces.


Lighting can determine the whole look and feel of your kitchen. With a vast number of options available, we understand that choosing the right lighting for your new kitchen can be daunting, that's why we're happy to help you every step of the way.

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