Instagram; Kitchen Q&A

Last week, we invited you to ask our designers, Daniela and James, your kitchen questions. Today, we've answered the most popular requests, to help you on your way to creating that dream design!


"I like the idea of mixing a few different colours in my kitchen, but I'm not quite sure how to pull this all together?"

Firstly, take time to really understand the colours and tones you’d like to use; Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of inspiration and can act as the perfect mood board to collate all your ideas. Don’t be afraid to mix neutral cabinetry with bolder accessories or wall colours – this makes it easier to change in time too, if you decide the bolder colour isn’t for you anymore. Additionally, don't be afraid to take a chance on a statement island, door run or pantry - using a pop of colour to break up a neutral backdrop. 


Keep an eye out on our blog later this month, where we'll be sharing our top tips on creating colour in the kitchen!


"I really like the idea of an island in my kitchen, but don’t think I have the space. What other options are there?"

Have a think about what you are wanting to use the island for, whether it’s food preparation, cooking, extra storage or a focal point for socialising. Kitchen islands don’t have to be huge - if you’re stuck for space it could be designed on a slightly smaller scale or alternatively, a peninsular can still be a great use of space and perfect for kitchens with a smaller footprint.


"How can I make the most of corner units?"

We will always have more things than space, that's why at Life, we're just as passionate about creating the perfect internal solutions as we are the rest of the kitchen! We stock the full range of Kesseböhmer storage, including Magic corners and LeMans; making the space as use-able as possible, whilst utilising clever engineering, bringing the contents of your cupboards to you!

"I love the idea of a pantry, what are my options?"

With the pantry being an extremely popular addition to the kitchen, there are so many different options to think about. The functional pantry can still be stylish and designed with the rest of the kitchen in mind; with customisable built-in shelving, internal drawers and pantry door racks to utilise the space. Granite shelving and clever use of internal lighting can also add another level to the design.


Alternatively a Butler's pantry, like the one featured in our Eclectic look, can be created within your current kitchen layout, therefore it doesn't rely heavily on securing additional space. From housing dry foods and spices to your morning essentials, coffee machines or even cookery books; they can be tucked nicely away behind closed doors when out of use, or proudly on display for all to see. 




"What appliances are best kept to a utility room?"

Microwave, washing machine, tumble dryer, chest freezer - anything big or functional, that isn't necessarily needed on a daily basis, would be perfectly situated in the utility. However, bare in mind when planning your design, you may be restricted to plumbing / electrics, which could ultimately define what goes where. As part of any consultation at Life Kitchens we'll take you through all of this - so you'll never have to figure it out on your own!



"I love the idea of an open plan kitchen, but I'm worried about storage. What are my options?" 

The beauty of an open-plan kitchen is you can display as much or as little as you want. Hidden storage solutions, such as corner units, larders and butler's pantries, allow you to create a sleek and seamless look, whilst ensuring all your kitchen must-haves are within easy reach.

Alternatively, exposed shelving gives you the opportunity to experiment with key looks, colours, styles, or even to simply just show off your fancy china!


Do you have a question that hasn't been answered above, or simply need help creating your perfect kitchen? Our team would love to hear from you. 

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