Five ways to create a sleek seamless design in your kitchen

Whether you live in a compact apartment, or a house full of character, a sleek and contemporary kitchen design can work wonderfully in any surroundings.

Gaining widespread popularity over the last few years, the handleless trend shows no signs of slowing down. With its sleek seamless look, clean lines and a typically muted colour palette, this style is perfect for those wanting to achieve sophisticated simplicity.

Here, one of our designers, Daniela Condo, takes you through her top tips on creating this effortlessly modern, clean-cut design, to inspire your next kitchen renovation.


1) A handleless design for any style home

From the unfussy lines and neat handleless cabinets of a design such as our Seamless look, to the intricate shaker style j-pull design of our Opulent look, a handleless kitchen can take so many different shapes and forms, with an abundance of unique design possibilities.

The continuous lines of a handleless look are quite a statement in themselves and tend to draw your eye to any points of interest – such as an integrated appliance bank, feature materials or any statement accessories. A style that can be striking with a little flair, but equally stunning if kept bare.

Top tip: You can even choose to highlight your handleless trim in a contrasting or complementary colour and really embrace the linearity of the whole look.


2) Experiment with colour and texture

Handleless designs are often most striking when created using a simple combination of fresh, clean tones. From brilliant whites and crisp greys, to warm neutrals and earthy shades, muted hues have been increasingly popular over the last decade, not just within a kitchen environment.

Inspired by Scandinavian design, a simple colour palette can provide a perfect background in which to experiment with bolder accessories, textured or patterned materials, such as our island shown here in Burnt Ash, or our worksurface and splashback shown here in Sinuous White.


With a beautiful selection of colours, in over 31 shades, gloss and matt, there’s plenty of opportunity to create personality in your kitchen.

Not sure which one to choose? Colour is a big part of any design consultation at Life Kitchens and we’re happy to provide as much or as little guidance as you need. You can even experience your own personalised design in our 4D virtual reality suite, where you can walk around your new kitchen using a VR headset and see how your chosen colours and textures could work in your own space. 



3) Contrasting configurations

A stunning addition to any contemporary kitchen, a feature door is a perfect way to add a subtle contrasting element, whilst keeping to the simple aesthetics of the design. Whether you want to keep everything behind closed doors with our woodgrain cabinetry or highlight striking accessories and utensils through a run of glazed doors, these are two examples of feature doors that blend beautifully with a contemporary look, adding interest and excitement in any environment.


Top tip: adding a touch of lighting to the underside of any cabinetry, surfaces or plinths, can really help to enhance your design and create a peaceful ambiance.


4) Hidden spaces

When planning your kitchen, it’s important to consider those spaces which can’t be seen but are vital to the usability of the space.

From larders and corner storage, to pull-outs and drawer internals, clever storage solutions can be seamlessly integrated into a handleless look, providing a handy way to keep all items within easy reach and utterly organised, whilst keeping your seamless kitchen, minimalistic and uncluttered.


5) Make a statement

Working with a muted colour palette doesn’t mean that your kitchen has to be restricted to certain shades. Experiment with bolder accessories, atmospheric lighting, or even contrasting worksurfaces, to inject personality into the heart of your home.

Combining a mix of surfaces can create a depth of difference, whilst providing an eye-catching allure, to make even the simplistic of designs stand out.



Practical as well as interesting, materials such as Quartz, are an ideal choice to mix in alongside other surfaces such as Granite, to create an area that is resilient and durable; perfect for creating a hard-working area for food preparation or simply just performing those day-to-day kitchen tasks.

On the other hand, Timber is a material that can add a touch of warmth whilst forming a point of interest, such as a breakfast bar or integrated butchers block.


With an abundance of designs possibilities on show, why not pay our showroom a visit and see how we can help you bring your kitchen dreams to life!

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