Banish clutter in your kitchen with these clever storage solutions

Providing a place for cooking, dining, working and socialising, the kitchen seems to have overtaken the living room as the new heart of the home.

Naturally, it can often become cluttered with utensils, pots, pans and other day-to-day items, so integrating clever storage solutions into your design, will ensure there's a place for everything. From drawer organisation to pull-out and pull-down shelving, storage can be configured to suit your exact needs and make life in your kitchen a whole lot easier.

In this Journal entry, we explore the different types of storage available, to help you create your perfect kitchen. 



Getting into those awkward spaces

Corner cupboards can be notoriously difficult to access and store items in, despite having such a high storage capacity – the challenge is being able to reach everything! Pull-out corner storage units can be a handy solution, unfolding out from the inside of the cupboard, allowing you quick, and easy access to everything you need.



Keeping everything in order

Every kitchen needs drawer, but did you know a drawer can include many different features hidden inside?

A shallow drawer is perfect for storing smaller items, such as cutlery and utensils; deeper drawers for larger, heavier items like pots and pans – but how we keep this organised is the challenge.

Handy solutions like modular cutlery inserts, boxes or pegs, can be re-organised endlessly according to your ever-evolving needs.

For even more organisation, consider using dedicated inserts for chopping boards, spice jars, knife blocks and plates.



Maximising every inch of space

Larders have surged in popularity in recent years, thanks to their ease of use and substantial storage capacity. 

Traditionally designed as free-standing units, Larders have also evolved into a fully integrated part of the kitchen. 

Whether you choose to store dry goods, spices or even cleaning essentials, our best-selling Larders allow cater for a whole week's worth of shopping, so you no longer have to worry about putting it away! 



Be Creative

Pull-out shelving offers a smaller, and often slimmer, version of a larder, perfect for base or wall units - they’re incredibly versatile. The simple pull-out mechanisms provide easy access to anything from utensils to ingredients, cleaning products to recycling bags. There are even options for super-narrow versions, which are the perfect size for spice jars, sauces and oils.

Pull-down shelves are equally as practical and are designed to bring the contents of your high cupboards down to you, meaning nothing will be out of reach! This is particularly useful for kitchens with high ceilings, meaning you can maximise on every last inch of space.



With an array of styles and sizes to suite all kitchen layouts, we're sure you'll find a place for everything with our range of storage solutions. 

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