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Contemporary and sleek doesn’t always have to mean grey tones. Seen equally at home in a handleless look is this delightfully retro combination of Capita cabinetry in succulent Regiment, mixed with the ever so mid-century Mid-Oak textured paneling and brass highlights; adding warmth and depth to this seamless look.

A wealth of ideas are carefully crafted within this uniquely diverse space, utilising furniture in a freestanding expression to break up an otherwise open plan space. This U-shape look embodies the feeling of an island based design, with a bridging breakfast bar which helps to segregate the living area from the dining, whilst maintaining the flow.

Bold features

Fully fitted, but with break out elements – the symmetry of the appliance bank, the contemporary take on a dresser unit with open shelving – everything is wrapped up in the geometry of the open frame units creating a bold line across the kitchen.

This line is echoed in the luxurious worktop material as it cascades off the side of the peninsular and stops, seemingly floating.

Smooth functionality

Practicality isn’t foregone with the style. A shallow trough in the worktop creates a cooking zone that stretches from prep, wet and cooking zones keeping everything close to hand, whilst having the space to allow your culinary juices to flow. Clever storage solutions hide behind doors to reveal the perfect place to seamlessly hide-away kitchen essentials.

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