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An up-to-the-minute expression of the traditional working kitchen. Centred around a commanding island, statement appliances also feel very at home in this classic setting. A balance of subtle detailing and pared-back architecture - stopping well short of overly elaborate detailing.

Featuring simple, Ovolo beading, this Shaker cabinetry offers an understated kind of detail. While its in-frame design with exposed butt hinges recalls traditional free-standing furniture, the grey colour pallette and geometric lines keep it all clean and neat; a contemporary reading of this classic style.


An imposing island can serve as a multi-use area for prepping, chatting and dining. A deeper shade can ground it as a standalone piece - whether staying cool in slate for example, or going warmer with truffle. It's easy to extend this classic look even further - with bench seating, shelving, breakfast or drinks cabinets, all constructed from the same Shaker frontals.

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An up-to-the-minute, elegant take on the traditional working kitchen. Exquisitely hardworking and welcoming: a place to gather.


Constructed from natural, solid timber, our in-frame doors will continue to age beautifully, subtly changing, as they mature into their new environment. A timeless kitchen can be hardworking too. Fitted pull-outs can reveal extra space for storage and equipment. And utilising a mix of surfaces where needed - such as resiliant Quartz in heavy use areas, end-grain timber for preperation, and beautiful Granite for feature pieces - not only zones your kitchen, but helps it to stand the test of time.

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