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Unfussy lines, neat handleless cabinets and generous worksurfaces. Easy on the eye, easy to clean, easy to live with – this is a look that works hard, but is never hard work.

Precise geometrics and clear sightlines, keep this look pure, and simple. A layered, monochrome palette holds everything together: light on light, or dark on dark. No single item dominates, or vies for attention. The result is a smoothly continuous feel, opening up a sense of space.

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While this look may be minimalist, how you interpret it is up to you. You could observe it strictly, or mix it up a little by adding texture and interest with woodgrain doors, or different materials within a single worksurface. Stunning when kept bare, but equally beautiful with statement focal points.

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A harmony of sleek lines, generous proportions, and statement features. So simple, that it's impossible to go wrong.

The finer details

Voluminous drawers can effortlessly manage even your clunkiest pots and pans, while a line of smokey glazed cabinets can conceal and reveal just the right amount. It all adds up to cleaner lines and more open space. Surprisingly versatile too, worksurface materials can work brilliantly when set vertically as splashbacks, used as shelving, or feature panelling.Choose both form, and function, for whatever you do in your kitchen.

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