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Your own diverse mix of doors, furniture, materials, colours, patterns, textures, heights and depths. Eclectic but never cluttered. This look is about creating order amidst the busy-ness, and a character that is truly yours.

Simple, contemporary, light grey doors, juxtapose cheerful drawers, and classic Shaker cabinetry. This is a comfortable nod to free-standing furniture, where the table sits at the heart of this busy kitchen - doubling as a preparation area, and a place where anyone can just pull up a chair and join in.


The plain core of this look creates the ideal canvas for personalisation. You could bookend your kitchen with calm, softer splashes of colour, or go bold with brighter pops at one end, grounded by darker hues at the other. A richly patterned rug, intricate flooring, and a mixture of accessories, are good ways of adding further colour and texture. Any repurposed furniture or vintage finds would feel just as comfortable here.

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Creative and eclectic, with a place for everything. It's whatever you want it to be – as long as it’s personal.


Handles range from wooden, to ones which aren’t there at all - underlining the mixed, personalised nature of this look - while a handy blackboard wall, solid timber drawers with tailorable compartments, and easy-access larder, root this design in the present day. A characterful end-grain timber, acts both as a feature surface and a permanent chopping board: an attractive but useful way to add texture and interest.

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Explore our exciting range of kitchen looks - and experience your own personalised design in our 4D virtual reality suite. Life is what you make it.